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Myanmar - From Mandalay coffee group. Light roast - citrus and lively, clean finish with hints of dried berry, rum raisin, citrus.  

Bootleg Java - Java coffee aged in a bourbon barrel prior to roasting.  Roasted medium/dark - full bodied, buttery bourbon finish. Dessert or afternoon coffee. Best as a latte or cappuccino or with a splash of cream and served with a piece of chocolate.  For full flavor, use espresso or french press method. By special order only.  Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.




                                                                                                                          New for 2019


                                                                             Tanzania - A peaberry coffee packed with complex flavors.

                                                                              Light roast- brown sugar, vanilla, spice, hint of berry.

                                                                             Uganda -  From the Rwenzori Mountains.  Light roast - raisin,                                                                               brown sugar,vanilla, smooth finish.

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